About Us

We are a third-generation family farm that prides itself on raising GMO-free pork and beef. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, best tasting meat you can find using only locally sourced animals and feed.

For most of their lives, our pigs are raised outdoors with access to cover. In the summer, they graze green pastures with a free choice grain diet, and in the winter they’re brought down to the main farm, where they receive a full GMO-free grain diet as well as free choice hay. Most of the time you will find that the pigs choose the hay over anything else.

Our pigs come from heritage lines with modern genetics mixed in to increase hardiness and help with pasture grazing. We carry many breeds regularly, such as Berkshire, Hereford, Yorkshire, and Gloucestershire Old Spots, and we periodically mix in several other breeds as well.

None of our animals receive any type of hormones or steroids whatsoever, and we try to refrain from using antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary. If an animal is sick, we will treat it, but we strive to use natural means as much as possible.

We grow 90 percent of our own crops to ensure that the feed we use is of the greatest quality. The crops that we don’t grow are sourced locally, to support the local economy and ensure quality. Protecting our land and environment is vitally important to us, and we produce crops in such a way as to provide the land with the necessary nutrients for generations to come.